Fire & Flavor makes the old fashioned methods of pickling and canning exciting and simple.

Create your own homemade salsa and bruschetta toppings or make your favorite pickles from Bread & Butter to Icebox Dill. These products make creating a healthy addition to your pantry a snap.

Sure, I could always make my own pickles, but that seemed like a very daunting task—my grandma spent a lot of time on her special recipe. However, a few weeks ago The Local Palate received a package of Fire & Flavor’s Pickling Seasoning. After picking up some cucumbers and peppers from my grandpa’s summer garden, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give pickling a try. The pickling process could not have been faster, easier, or more delicious; Fire & Flavor makes it incredibly simple for us pickle newbies.” – The Local Palate

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